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Afrikaans Language Museum

Postal address:
PO Box 498 Paarl 7646
Street address:
Paarl Mountain

City: Paarl
Province: Western Cape
Postal code: 7646
Country: South Africa

Phone: 021 8723441
Fax: 021 8723642


The Afrikaans language is approximately 300 years old and, compared to the other languages of the world, it is relatively young. It is a unique language, because its roots are spread over three different continents, ie Europe, Africa and Asia and it has mothertongue speakers across the boundaries of race, creed and culture. The Monument was unveiled on 10 October 1975 and it pays tribute to the diverse roots of Afrikaans and the people that use the language.

Directions: Take the number 55 offramp off the N1 onto Main Road - Paarl Take a left into Main Road Follow Main Road for a couple of hundred meters up to the first road that turns to the left. A small water mill by the roadside will be the landmark. From that point the signs can be followed up to the Monument.

Category: Museum
Keywords: Linguistics
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