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Kruger House

Postal address:
PO Box 28088 Sunnyside Pretoria 0132
Street address:
60 Church Street
opposite Kruger Church
1 km west of Church Square

Area: Sunnyside
City: Pretoria
Province: Gauteng
Postal code: 0132
Country: South Africa

Phone: (27)(0)12 326 9172
Fax: (27)(0)12 328 5173

Cell phone: (27) (0)82 754 0943


The Kruger house is a house museum, i.e. it attempts to recreate the ambience of a historic period, event or person. The house has been refurbished to look almost as it did at the time when President Paul and Mrs Gezina Kruger`s lived there.

An almost total historic environment has been recreated. Visitors to Kruger House should feel as though the President or Mrs Kruger might return at any moment.

The furnishing plan has been based on a thorough study of the available evidence of original furnishings. In accordance with this several changes have recently been made to the interior, not as a curatorial whim, but with a view to give the visitor a more accurate conception of the life style of the Krugers.


Category: Museum
Keywords: Culture; History
Ref ID: 300

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