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Schreuder House (Stellenbosch Museums)

Postal address:
Drostdy Street Stellenbosch 7600
Street address:
10 van Ryneveld Street

City: Stellenbosch
Province: Western Cape
Postal code: 7600
Country: South Africa


Schreuder House is one of the four period houses that belongs to the Stellenbosch Museum and is situated on the north eastern corner of the oldest intersection in Stellenbosch. The mentioned four houses are declared monuments.

This modest pioneer cottage is, as far as can be ascertained, the oldest documented and restored town house in South Africa. In August 1707 a German mercenary soldier in the employ of the Dutch East India Company, one Sebastian Schröder, was sent from Cape Town to the Colony of Stellenbosch as secretary of the public mill. During 1709 he left the employ of the Company and on 10 December 1709 the land on which the house stands, was granted to ‘Sebastian Schreuder’ as a free burgher. At this early date Schröder’s name was therefore already written in its Dutch form, namely Schreuder.


Category: Museum
Keywords: Culture; History
Ref ID: 261

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